Research, Prototyping and Software development


Intelligent Software

We specialize in developing cutting-edge software technologies that utilize artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing and data mining to build products with breathtaking intelligence.


Software Development
We bring together the latest research, algorithms and technologies to help you distill your vision into a concrete plan.
We efficiently develop working prototypes of the technology to validate your idea.
We develop the prototype into a usable product, using full-stack software development (Java, C++, Python, Perl, HTML/CSS/JS, mobile apps and more).

Current and Past Projects

(educational search engine)
patent-pending algorithms for information retrieval, text classification, concept/fact extraction, question generation and more
(personalized education software)
state-of-the-art algorithms for vocabulary teaching, writing feedback, essay scoring and more
(personalized education software)
algorithms for evaluating students' writing sophistication
(social media analytics)
patented algorithms for detecting important email and social media messages
(social media analytics)
patented algorithms for topic and sentiment analysis in social media
(computerized adaptive testing)
machine-learning -based analysis of students' cognitive strategies and offering personalized learning interventions
(social network)
matching of people/projects based on sematic analysis, dynamic visualization of commmunity participation
(literacy and vocabulary teaching engine)
computational analysis of different dimensions of texts for reading, vocabulary words, students' literacy/vocabulary knowledge
(global incident alerts)
NLP/ML aglorithms for detecting messages warning of terrorist activity, cyber-attacks, and epidemics in social media / blogosphere
(intelligent job matching)
AI-based job matching/recommendation service
(AI chatbot)
NLP algorithms (topic, sentiment, parsing) for chat bots with emotional intelligence

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